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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 22nd Jan '17


"A Coldly Curious Creation Captured in a Camera Click .(PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul ContrailsCD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Annette Buckley Her Winter Coat” CD The Ever Changing Colours of the Sea 3) Dermot "Blues" Byrne Raw Whiskey BluesCD Raw Whiskey Blues 4) Paddy Casey Winter's Fire” CD Amen (So Be It) 5) Jennifer Evans Sure Fire” CD DEMOS '08 6) Fade Street Iridescent Blue” CD 16B Fade Street 7) FIA RUA ( FULL SET) oTv LIVE 12/12/07 8) The Frames Rent Day Blues” CD Dance The Devil 9) Miriam Ingram Terrified and ThrilledCD Trampoline 10) International Blues Band Ice Cream ChimesoTv LIVE 6/8/01 11) Colm Lynch “Hold Your Fire” CD Tickety Boo 12) Dara MacGabhann That Big Old Moon” CD NEW Release 13) Sean MillarOne More ShotCD Tarzan's Ambition 14) Old Red Everchange” CD Shots in the Dark 15) One if By SeaWade AwayCD A Strange Calm EP 16) Parchman Farm Blues Will Never Die” CD Nothing But the Blues 17) Jon Sanders Nuke the Blues” CD Twigs of the Neem Tree 18) Tecimerico The Well Under the Moon” CD Landscapes

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