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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 27th Feb '17


A soothing solution surreptitiously enslaving the psychic spirit (PIC; here


1) Ali and the Dts Get the Devil Out Your Head CD Get the First Layer of Civilisation Off 2) Clive Barnes Long Day RisingCD Live at the Spirit Store 3) Glenn Brady Fear CD RECENT From Dusk till the Dawn EP 4) Shay Cotter Running Away with Myself CD Medication Time 5) Dave Dwyer Monkey with the Bloodshot EyesCD High Time 6) Entheos “Ghost on the Stairs” CD 111 7) The Frames “Hollocaine” CD Dance the Devil.. 8) Fredrick and the Golden Dawn “Lady of Dollars” oTv LIVE 15/1/09 9) Lisa Hake FoxgloveCD Tree Over Sea 10) House of Cosy Cushions Outcast Cats CD RECENTHaunt Me Sweetly 11) HUMMINGBIRD oTv LIVE SET 29/8/07 ) 12) Judas Goat Ivory Towers CD The Judas Goat 13) The Lonely Schizophrenic “Crab People” CD Greatest Hits EP 14) Sean Millar “Money Can Buy me Drugs” CD Of The People 15) Moneypenny A Different Page CD Rough Cuts 16) Vanessa Peters “No Sense” CD Little Films 17) Pugwash “Black Dog” CD Jollity 18) Paul Quinn “Trudge Music” CD A Debut Album 19) Damien Rice “Moody Mooday” CD The Blowers Daughter EP 20) Audrey Ryan “Dishes and Pills” CD Dishes and Pills 21) Trip Hazard “Erase” oTv LIVE 11/10/07 22) Gideon Wagner The Fear SignsCD God Bless America

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