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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 7th Feb '17


Magically Motivational Musings, Moments after a Memorable MealPIC; here


1) Dave Alley “Inspired” CD On We Play 2) Doireann Ansbro “Indifference, Ignorance and Greed” CD DEMOS 07 3) Kevin Barry Pain in my Head Looking For Murphy 4) Big Bunda “Awakening” CD Big Bunda EP 5) Eamon Brady Several HoursCD Demos '05 6) Adrian Crowley Emotional PlaygroundCD A Strange Land 7) Elder “Scream inside a Bottle” CD Diamond EP 8) Rory Grubb “The Money Song” CD Joining The Dots 9) Robin James Hurt/Ailbhe Nolan The Magpie's NestCD NEW The Magpie's Nest 10) Jemson Green Breathe OnCD Positivism EP 11) Katell Keineg “Waiting for the Weight of SpaceCD What's the Only Thing Worse than the End of Time EP 12) LotusEater MerlinCD Latest Feed Me to the Night 13) The Mighty Stef (feat: Cait O'Riordan) “Safe At Home” CD 100 Midnights 14) Preacher's Son X for Sandra CD Single 15) The Riptide Movement “Inside I'm Dancing” CD DEMOS '08 16) Liz Seaver “Hide Away” CD Til the Day Fades In 17) SPIRITRIDERS ( FULL SET) oTv LIVE 9/4/2008 18) Ten Speed Racer “Sidewalk Monkey” CD Ballad of a Greedy Man EP 19) Thinguma*jigsaw “Burden of Genius” CD Demos 20) The Tripps Crossed Wires CD Single 21) Tycho Brahe “Internal Life of Animals” CD This is ... 22) Craig Walker “Greedy Pig” CD Siamese

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