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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 19th Mar '17

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"The Radiant Re-Appearance which, with Resident Resonant Rippling, Regularly Revives.PIC; here


1) Babelfish (Cat Dowling) Flowers CD Sometimes EP 2) Ray Beggan Two GardensCD First Day of Porple 3) The Butterfly Graveyard Where the River Meets the SeaCD The Butterfly Graveyard 4) Nick Carswell (and the Elective Orchestra) From the Ground Up CD The Word 5) Pete Cummins Flowers in BaghdadCD The Brilliant Architect 6) Flinders At SwimCD As Soon As It Ever Stops 7) Funky Mustard Shoreline CD Jazza Mundo 8) Martin Furey River Flowing CD Monkey's Wedding 9) Robin James Hurt/Ailbhe Nolan An T-Iasc Fliuch/The Butterfly CD NEW The Magpies Nest 10) Inflatable Sideshow Look Across the Ocean CD The Mush EP 11) Katell Keineg “River Man” CD What’s the Only Thing Worse than the End of Time? EP 12) Adam Klein “Restless SoulCD Distant Music 13) Lotuseater “Blue Lagoon” CD Feed me to the Night 14) Dara MacGabhann Give Me Breath LordCD NEW Release 15) Orphee “River” CD Dear EP 16) PIG Flower of BurmaCD Do You Like Smack Rock 17) Randall Rainwater Cool Vibe CD Rainwater Road 18) Reclaim Clearwater CD Keep it Down EP 19) Ann Scott FloCD Flo 20) Tecimerico The Well Under the MoonCD Landscape 21) Chris Ward Pool of Light CD No Fear 22) NOAM WEINSTEIN ( oTv LIVE INTERVIEW 23/9/10 )

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