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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 31st Mar '17


Inspirational itineraries in instant ignition and immediate inhalation.PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul Darkest Before Dawn CD DEMOS '01 2) Kristophe Bauer Can't Take Love OutCD Notify my Fans (If I Have Any) 3) Caruso Round the Hard WayCD The Watcher and the Comet 4) Dave Conway Change of Scene CD Highs and Hellos 5) Mark Dignam & The House of Song Hope the Sun ShinesCD Re-Build 6) Monica and the Explosion On the Road CD Keep it Alive 7) Flinders Interview oTv LIVE 31/5/07 8) James Guilmartin Come by the Fire CD Intro into Exile 9) Hummingbird Almost GoneCD Red Letter Day 10) Nina Hynes “He Turned the Light Off” CD Creation 11) Judas Goat Still LifeoTv LIVE 29/3/06 12) Juno Falls WeightlessCD Starlight Drive 13) Erika Kulnys “Travellin Light CD Hurricane 14) Michael Marks “Busking at Bewley's” CD Camouflage 15) Brett Perkins Always Believed in You CD Last Bus Home 16) The Racketeers “Train of Fools” CD By Hook or by Crook 17) Enda Reilly Cur an Long ag Seol” CD Amhráin Nua i nGaeilge 18) Jon Sanders “Satori” CD Latitudes 19) Jude Shiels “Night Train” oTv LIVE 5/3/08 20) Songs for Iris “Traveller” CD Tales and Lies 21) Travega “Cables to Nowhere” oTv at DSFM 7/7/05 22) The Tripps "Sailing on a Gun" oTv LIVE 28/11/07

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