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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 24th Apr '17


Rewarded, with raw realism, when resurrecting rarest recordings,.PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul Truth Recorder CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Babelfish (Cat Dowling) 6.15CD Sometimes EP 3) Brown These DaysCD Brown EP 4) Dermot Byrne Old Riley CD Journey South 5) City Free Rising The TimesCD City Free Rising EP 6) Paddy Casey Ancient Sorrow CD Fear Single 7) Commissioner Gordon The Man From Del Monte CD DEMOS 8) Eoin Coughlan Ancient Breathing CD Blood in Vein 9) Damien Dempsey Dublin Town (Dub Linn Mix)CD Dublin Town Single 10) Fade Street Iridescent Blue CD 16b Fade Street 11) HER LITTLE ORCHESTRA SET oTv LIVE 13/7/05 12) Miriam Ingram SlideCD Trampoline 13) Jukebox Gypsy “The Rain Invitation CD Jukebox Gypsy 14) Thomas Kitt I Don't Mind the Rain CD Kitt Happens 15) Little Ghetto Boys Hoops and the Mafia CD Little Ghetto Boys EP 16) The Marshal Stars “Them Old Frank Miller BluesCD DEMO (First Shot EP) 17) Mundy Mayday CD 24 Star Hotel 18) Parchman Farm The Blues Will Never Die CD Nothing But the Blues 19) Shane Regan The Volcanic Hallucination of Night CD Regan's Affectations 20) Darlene Sovran Get It TogetherCD Absence of Uniformity 21) Screaming Orphans Not My ProblemCD Thank You EP 22) Tycho Brahe "Emily is Going" CD This Is.. 23) The West Seventies "Fresno" CD The Deeper You Go

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