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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 19th Jun '17


Climbing on becalmed Connemara craft, conscious of capture, in closing crimson.PIC; here


1) Baby Jenx “Exhale” CD Demo '06 2) Bailer “We Don’t Have to Hide” oTv LIVE 13/8/09 3) City Free Rising “Break Down” CD DEMO '04 4) Deaf Animal Orchestra “Morning Running” CD Single 5) Declan de Barra “Old Boat” CD DEMO 6) Eric Eckhart “Running” CD Lost and Found 7) The EXPLOSION (Monica and) INTERVIEW oTv LIVE 16/9/10 8) Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club Any Way the Wind Blows CD Be Yourself 9) Flinders A Running Start” CD Ground Floor EP 10) Paula Gomez “Go Away” CD Love and Hate 11) Kiersten Gray “Slip Away” oTv LIVE 2/11/06 12) House of Cosy Cushions Palace for the Lost Ones CD Palace for the Lost Ones EP 13) Jenny Lindfors Timewarp CD When the Night Time Comes 14) Colm Lynch Wandering Home CD Tickety Boo 15) Northern Quarter “Free” CD Your Mirror’s Face EP 16) One if By Sea “Wade Away” CD A Strange Calm EP 17) ReClaim “Break Free” CD DEMO '07 18) Damien Rice “Nine Crimes” oTv LIVE 26/3/00 19) St Mark’s Electric Choir “Free” oTv LIVE 30/9/04 20) Jon Sanders Nuke the Blues CD Twigs of the Neem Tree 21) Ann Scott “Return to Life” CD Flo 22) Brush & Jude Shiels After I'm GoneoTv LIVE 04/11/14 23) The Urges “Good Bye” CD The Urges EP

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