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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 16th July '17

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Simulated Stalagmite Streams Set in Silence Scenario.PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul On the Graveyard Shift with the Skeleton Crew CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Geoff BakerSix-String Whispers CD Know the Rain Here 3) The Butterfly Graveyard I'm Lost (When I Can't See the Stars) CD The Butterfly Graveyard 4) Dermot Byrne Worried and Oh So LonesomeCD Journey South 5) CKC The World is LonelyCD Take You by the Hand 6) Elder RocheDark Place CD Nobody Knows 7) Jennifer Evans My Own AssassinCD Demos '08 8) Flinders Closeted, Closed and Dear CD See Saw Still 9 ) Funky Mustard OscuridadCD Traiga La Paz-Bring the Peace 10) Glimmermen Peace at Last CD I'm Dead 11) Lisa Hake Last Boat Out CD Wind Under Wood 12) House of Cosy Cushions Black Bat Dance CD Spell 13) Katell Keineg Wgulf of Araby CD O Seasons, O Castles 14) Lotuseater Blue Lagoon CD Feed Me to the Night 15) Mundy Private Paradise CD Jelly Legs 16) FIN O'BRINE INTERVIEW oTv LIVE 16/6/12 17) Parchman Farm Living With the Blues CD Nothing But the Blues...18) PIG “It Shines Alone” CD Do You Like Smack Rock? 19) Damien Rice “Lonelily” CD Cannonball Promo EP 20) Mary Stokes Band Down in the Hole CD 10 Years on the Road 21) Gideon Wagner No-one Gets to Heaven on the Cheap CD God Bless America 22) Wilde Oscars IsolationCD Fish

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