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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 24th Aug '17


Impoverished Punters Pleading for Porter, Pot, Pills, or Perchance a Powder?"

PIC; here


1) The Amazing Few (Keiron Black) The Fairy Omar CD Single 2) Big Bunda “Late Night Confusion” CD Big Bunda EP 3) Robert Sarazin Blake Salt and Lemon CD Still Kissing Last Night's Smoke Stained Lips 4) Dermot Blues Byrne Raw Whiskey Blues CD Raw Whiskey Blues 5) Damien Dempsey “The Jar Song” CD Seize the Day 6) Easy Dance Like No-one's WatchingCD DEMO 7) Fade Street “High and Dry” CD 15B Fade Street 8) Funky Mustard “Border Stop“ CD Rebeluzion 9) Gobi “Space and Time” oTv LIVE 17/11/05 10) Lisa Hake “The Magic Blue Bottle from Sidhe” CD Tree Over Sea 11) The HOOLIGAN Interview oTv LIVE 9/9/10 12) Nina Hynes This Magic Stuff” CD Creation 13) International Blues Band “Cold Black Porter” oTv LIVE 6/8/01 14) Lotus Eater CarnivaleCD Feed Me to the Night 15) Sean Millar “Alcohol Problem” CD The Bitter Lie 16) The Quicksand Band “Man in a Bar” CD Ten Gallon Drought EP 17) Audrey Ryan Dishes and Pills CD Dishes and Pills 18) Shane Regan “Beer on the Belly” oTv LIVE 1/2/06 19) The Riptide Movement Inside I'm Dancing” CD DEMO 20) Jon Sanders “Pure Afghan” oTv LIVE 17/9/09 21) Colin Scallan RemedyCD Demos '07 22) Zrazy “I Just Like to Drink Alone” CD Private Wars

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