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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 19th SEPT '17


"Immigrants' Ideal Integration or Institutionalised Isolation?.


1) Ken Bolton Orange GrovesCD You Were Right, I Was Wrong 2) Paddy Casey “Refugee” oTv LIVE 20/12/07 3) Adrian Crowley “Safe House” CD A Strange Land 4) dBize “On Waikiki Beach/The China Pig” CD RECENT Storm Party 5) Entheos “Sheltering” oTv LIVE 25/1/07 6) Jennifer Evans “Way to Go” DEMO 08 7) Fia Rua Searching for my Home” CD More Magic EP 8) Fon and Conn Get Reel CD Melting Pot 9) Lauren Guillery “State of Emergency” CD Listen EP 10) Robin James Hurt/Ailbhe Nolan The Eavesdropper/Cliffs of Moher” CD NEW The Magpie's Nest 11) I Am Not Lefthanded “The Place That Won’t Take me Back” CD Time to Leave EP 12) Inflatable Sideshow “Niabinghi Jazz” CD DeLux 13) Juno Falls HeadlightsCD Starlight Drive 14) Ben Kritikos Lonely Road CD DEMO 15) Dara and Aoibhin MacGabhann No Return CD NEW Home from Home 16) The ERIC McGRATH Interview oTv LIVE 30/4/11 17) Nero CommunityoTv LIVE 4/11/04 18) Power of Dreams Never Been to Texas CD Immigrants, Emigrants and Me 19) Eva Queen “Far, Far Away” oTv LIVE 17/6/10 20) Resurrection Fern Fire Ember CD Transcend Mortality 21) Think “Home” CD Gimme that Sound 22) The West Seventies “Are We Familiar?” oTv LIVE 29/11/07 23) Larry White “My Home Town” oTv LIVE 22/11/07

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