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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 28th OCT '17


Fond, Familial, and Firm Friendship Phases Featuring Frequently as Unfractured Freeze-Frames?


1) Mic Christopher That's What Good Friends DooTv LIVE 31/3/01 2) Adrian Crowley Three Sisters CD Season of the Sparks 3) JIMI CULLEN Set oTv LIVE 26/3/08 4) Dutch Uncle “Tender, Faint and Distant” oTv LIVE 17/2/04 5) Jennifer Evans “Tomaselli has a Friend” CD DEMOS '06 6) Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club True Friends CD Be Yourself 7) Rory Faithfield The One You Need” CD Circle Dance 8) Martin Furey Epitaph CD Monkey's Wedding 9) Rory Grubb Shadows CD Joining the Dots 10) Hooligan “Keep the Faith” CD Criminal Damage EP 11) House of Cosy Cushions “The Mad Sisters” CD RECENT Spell 12) Adam Klein Time CD Distant Music 13) Lotus Eater “I See Them from My Past” CD Feed me to the Night 14) Michael Marks Pigmeal Number 1CD Camouflage 15) Mundy SistersCD Jelly Legs 16) Seán Needham Life Goes On” CD Time is a Friend 17) Nivola “Remember Me” CD Nivola EP 18) Orphee FeelingsCD Dear 19) Preacher’s Son “Should’ve Been Gone” oTv LIVE 8/4/10 20) Roesy In You Come CD Sketch the Day, Paint the Night 21) Ann Scott “Hot Day” oTv LIVE 21/9/06 22) Anthony White “Faith in Love” CD Demo 23) Zinego “Brothers in Arms” CD A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

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