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Friday, 15. December 2017
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NEW 28th NOV '17


An Appealing Autumnal Alfresco Arrangement, an Afterthought Apparently?. PIC; here


1) Alphastates At the Edge oTv live 22/4/01 2) Adrian Crowley Season of the Sparks CD Season of the Sparks 3) Changing Gears “Wild Flowers” CD The End 4) Mark Dignam Blossom CD Poetry & Songs From the Wheel 5) Elder (Roche) “Flowering Flame” CD Nobody Knows 6) THE FORMER ALLSTARS (Full Set ) oTv LIVE 19/3/08 7) Funky Mustard Technicoloured CD Jazza Mostaza 8) Hooligan (Feat Christy Dignam) Teenage Rebel CD NEW Teenage Rebel EP 9 ) Judas Goat Still Life CD The Judas Goat 10) Katell Keineg O SeasonsCD O Seasons, O Castles 11) Jenny Lindfors By the Wayside CD When the Night Time Comes 12) Cormac O'Caoimh There's Gold There Somewhere CD A New Season for Love 13) Emma O'Reilly Winter CD DEMO 14) Pig “Flower of Burma” CD Do You Like Smack Rock 15) Ben Prevo Funky ButtercupCD It's About Time! 16) Pugwash A Rose in a Garden of Weeds CD Jollity 17) Eva Queen Day in the Sun CD DEMO EP 18) Rodrigo Y Gabriela DiemCD ReFoc 19) Ben Reel “Flickering Light” CD Darkness and the Light 20) Jon Sanders In The Now CD Twigs of the Neem Tree 21) Jude Shiels “Survival Song” oTv LIVE 8/2/06 22) Verse Chorus Verse Into The Autumn” CD Promo EP 23) Zrazy Inside the GardenCD Give It All Up

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