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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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NEW 22nd DEC '17



1) A Lazarus Soul “Wren Boys” CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Breast Fed Babies (Phil Garry) “Holiday” CD Demo ’04 3) Ross Breen “Christmas Song” 8/12/05 4) Darran Byrne “Home This Christmas” CD Entertaining Hans Sachs 5) Jonathan Casey “All Alone in the World” oTv LIVE 25/3/01 6) Entheos “Sheltering” oTv LIVE 25/1/07 7) Hooligan "Calling Joe Strummer” CD NEW Teenage Rebel” EP 8) I Am Not Lefthanded “Alone” CD Time to Leave EP 9 ) Inflatable Sideshow “When You’re Alone” CD Delux 10) Juno Falls “This Song is Your Own” 1/5/08 DSFM 11) ADAM KLEIN (Set ) oTv LIVE 12/12/07 12) Mundy “A Better Holiday” oTv LIVE 18/11/96 13) THE MYSTERIOUS CHORDS (Set ) oTv LIVE 12/12/07 14) Liam Oragh Don't Catch Your Death CD NEW The Arguments Against Insanity 15) Ben Prevo “Lonesome Suzie” CD It’s About Time! 16) Colm Quearney “Riches of the Poor” oTv at DSFM 29/4/01 18) Torc “Tonight” 25/10/07 DSFM19) The Ugly Kiwanoes “Alone at Night” CD DEMO '05 20) Gideon Wagner Mr Chepstow's Christmas BoxCD Once a Week for About a Year

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