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Saturday, 24. February 2018
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NEW 16th JAN 2018



1) A Lazarus Soul “Glass Houses oTv LIVE 18/5/09 2) Wallis Bird “Blossoms in the Street” oTv LIVE 21/6/05 3) Labhaoise Brennan Vulnerable CD Promo EP '06 4) Ross Breen “The World’s Upside Down” oTv LIVE 7/7/05 5) Damien Dempsey “Factories, Trains and Houses” oTv LIVE 17/5/02 6) Mark Dignam & The House of Song Stay CD RECENT Re-Build 7) Grades of Shade “Come Home” CD ok4u 8) James Guilmartin Long Path CD Intro into Exile 9 ) House of Cosy Cushions “Palace for the Lost Ones” CD Palace for the Lost Ones EP 10) John, Shelly and the Creatures Frost CD Dinosaur 11) Juno Falls “Take Me Home” CD Starlight Drive 12) Colm Lynch “Wandering Home” CD Tickety Boo 13)The Mighty Stef (feat: Cait O'Riordan) “Safe At Home” CD 100 Midnights 14) Liam Oragh Thaw Me Out When You Can Cure Me CD NEW The Arguments Against Insanity 15) Pugwash “Keep Moving On” 6/4/06 DSFM 16) RECLAIM (Acoustic Set ) oTv LIVE 14/11/07 18) The Show “House of Lazarus” oTv LIVE 7/12/06 19) Sweet Jane Take me Home” CD Blackboots and BlackheartsEP 20) Tycho Brahe “Your House from Mine” CD This is ...

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