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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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Radio Show

NEW 16th JAN 2018

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1) A Lazarus Soul “Glass Houses oTv LIVE 18/5/09 2) Wallis Bird “Blossoms in the Street” oTv LIVE 21/6/05 3) Labhaoise Brennan Vulnerable CD Promo EP '06 4) Ross Breen “The World’s Upside Down” oTv LIVE 7/7/05 5) Damien Dempsey “Factories, Trains and Houses” oTv LIVE 17/5/02 6) Mark Dignam & The House of Song Stay CD RECENT Re-Build 7) Grades of Shade “Come Home” CD ok4u 8) James Guilmartin Long Path CD Intro into Exile 9 ) House of Cosy Cushions “Palace for the Lost Ones” CD Palace for the Lost Ones EP 10) John, Shelly and the Creatures Frost CD Dinosaur 11) Juno Falls “Take Me Home” CD Starlight Drive 12) Colm Lynch “Wandering Home” CD Tickety Boo 13)The Mighty Stef (feat: Cait O'Riordan) “Safe At Home” CD 100 Midnights 14) Liam Oragh Thaw Me Out When You Can Cure Me CD NEW The Arguments Against Insanity 15) Pugwash “Keep Moving On” 6/4/06 DSFM 16) RECLAIM (Acoustic Set ) oTv LIVE 14/11/07 18) The Show “House of Lazarus” oTv LIVE 7/12/06 19) Sweet Jane Take me Home” CD Blackboots and BlackheartsEP 20) Tycho Brahe “Your House from Mine” CD This is ...

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NEW 22nd DEC '17


1) A Lazarus Soul “Wren Boys” CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Breast Fed Babies (Phil Garry) “Holiday” CD Demo ’04 3) Ross Breen “Christmas Song” 8/12/05 4) Darran Byrne “Home This Christmas” CD Entertaining Hans Sachs 5) Jonathan Casey “All Alone in the World” oTv LIVE 25/3/01 6) Entheos “Sheltering” oTv LIVE 25/1/07 7) Hooligan "Calling Joe Strummer” CD NEW Teenage Rebel” EP 8) I Am Not Lefthanded “Alone” CD Time to Leave EP 9 ) Inflatable Sideshow “When You’re Alone” CD Delux 10) Juno Falls “This Song is Your Own” 1/5/08 DSFM 11) ADAM KLEIN (Set ) oTv LIVE 12/12/07 12) Mundy “A Better Holiday” oTv LIVE 18/11/96 13) THE MYSTERIOUS CHORDS (Set ) oTv LIVE 12/12/07 14) Liam Oragh Don't Catch Your Death CD NEW The Arguments Against Insanity 15) Ben Prevo “Lonesome Suzie” CD It’s About Time! 16) Colm Quearney “Riches of the Poor” oTv at DSFM 29/4/01 18) Torc “Tonight” 25/10/07 DSFM19) The Ugly Kiwanoes “Alone at Night” CD DEMO '05 20) Gideon Wagner Mr Chepstow's Christmas BoxCD Once a Week for About a Year

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NEW 28th NOV '17

An Appealing Autumnal Alfresco Arrangement, an Afterthought Apparently?. PIC; here


1) Alphastates At the Edge oTv live 22/4/01 2) Adrian Crowley Season of the Sparks CD Season of the Sparks 3) Changing Gears “Wild Flowers” CD The End 4) Mark Dignam Blossom CD Poetry & Songs From the Wheel 5) Elder (Roche) “Flowering Flame” CD Nobody Knows 6) THE FORMER ALLSTARS (Full Set ) oTv LIVE 19/3/08 7) Funky Mustard Technicoloured CD Jazza Mostaza 8) Hooligan (Feat Christy Dignam) Teenage Rebel CD NEW Teenage Rebel EP 9 ) Judas Goat Still Life CD The Judas Goat 10) Katell Keineg O SeasonsCD O Seasons, O Castles 11) Jenny Lindfors By the Wayside CD When the Night Time Comes 12) Cormac O'Caoimh There's Gold There Somewhere CD A New Season for Love 13) Emma O'Reilly Winter CD DEMO 14) Pig “Flower of Burma” CD Do You Like Smack Rock 15) Ben Prevo Funky ButtercupCD It's About Time! 16) Pugwash A Rose in a Garden of Weeds CD Jollity 17) Eva Queen Day in the Sun CD DEMO EP 18) Rodrigo Y Gabriela DiemCD ReFoc 19) Ben Reel “Flickering Light” CD Darkness and the Light 20) Jon Sanders In The Now CD Twigs of the Neem Tree 21) Jude Shiels “Survival Song” oTv LIVE 8/2/06 22) Verse Chorus Verse Into The Autumn” CD Promo EP 23) Zrazy Inside the GardenCD Give It All Up

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NEW 28th OCT '17

Fond, Familial, and Firm Friendship Phases Featuring Frequently as Unfractured Freeze-Frames?


1) Mic Christopher That's What Good Friends DooTv LIVE 31/3/01 2) Adrian Crowley Three Sisters CD Season of the Sparks 3) JIMI CULLEN Set oTv LIVE 26/3/08 4) Dutch Uncle “Tender, Faint and Distant” oTv LIVE 17/2/04 5) Jennifer Evans “Tomaselli has a Friend” CD DEMOS '06 6) Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club True Friends CD Be Yourself 7) Rory Faithfield The One You Need” CD Circle Dance 8) Martin Furey Epitaph CD Monkey's Wedding 9) Rory Grubb Shadows CD Joining the Dots 10) Hooligan “Keep the Faith” CD Criminal Damage EP 11) House of Cosy Cushions “The Mad Sisters” CD RECENT Spell 12) Adam Klein Time CD Distant Music 13) Lotus Eater “I See Them from My Past” CD Feed me to the Night 14) Michael Marks Pigmeal Number 1CD Camouflage 15) Mundy SistersCD Jelly Legs 16) Seán Needham Life Goes On” CD Time is a Friend 17) Nivola “Remember Me” CD Nivola EP 18) Orphee FeelingsCD Dear 19) Preacher’s Son “Should’ve Been Gone” oTv LIVE 8/4/10 20) Roesy In You Come CD Sketch the Day, Paint the Night 21) Ann Scott “Hot Day” oTv LIVE 21/9/06 22) Anthony White “Faith in Love” CD Demo 23) Zinego “Brothers in Arms” CD A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

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NEW 19th SEPT '17

"Immigrants' Ideal Integration or Institutionalised Isolation?.


1) Ken Bolton Orange GrovesCD You Were Right, I Was Wrong 2) Paddy Casey “Refugee” oTv LIVE 20/12/07 3) Adrian Crowley “Safe House” CD A Strange Land 4) dBize “On Waikiki Beach/The China Pig” CD RECENT Storm Party 5) Entheos “Sheltering” oTv LIVE 25/1/07 6) Jennifer Evans “Way to Go” DEMO 08 7) Fia Rua Searching for my Home” CD More Magic EP 8) Fon and Conn Get Reel CD Melting Pot 9) Lauren Guillery “State of Emergency” CD Listen EP 10) Robin James Hurt/Ailbhe Nolan The Eavesdropper/Cliffs of Moher” CD NEW The Magpie's Nest 11) I Am Not Lefthanded “The Place That Won’t Take me Back” CD Time to Leave EP 12) Inflatable Sideshow “Niabinghi Jazz” CD DeLux 13) Juno Falls HeadlightsCD Starlight Drive 14) Ben Kritikos Lonely Road CD DEMO 15) Dara and Aoibhin MacGabhann No Return CD NEW Home from Home 16) The ERIC McGRATH Interview oTv LIVE 30/4/11 17) Nero CommunityoTv LIVE 4/11/04 18) Power of Dreams Never Been to Texas CD Immigrants, Emigrants and Me 19) Eva Queen “Far, Far Away” oTv LIVE 17/6/10 20) Resurrection Fern Fire Ember CD Transcend Mortality 21) Think “Home” CD Gimme that Sound 22) The West Seventies “Are We Familiar?” oTv LIVE 29/11/07 23) Larry White “My Home Town” oTv LIVE 22/11/07

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NEW 24th Aug '17

Impoverished Punters Pleading for Porter, Pot, Pills, or Perchance a Powder?"

PIC; here


1) The Amazing Few (Keiron Black) The Fairy Omar CD Single 2) Big Bunda “Late Night Confusion” CD Big Bunda EP 3) Robert Sarazin Blake Salt and Lemon CD Still Kissing Last Night's Smoke Stained Lips 4) Dermot Blues Byrne Raw Whiskey Blues CD Raw Whiskey Blues 5) Damien Dempsey “The Jar Song” CD Seize the Day 6) Easy Dance Like No-one's WatchingCD DEMO 7) Fade Street “High and Dry” CD 15B Fade Street 8) Funky Mustard “Border Stop“ CD Rebeluzion 9) Gobi “Space and Time” oTv LIVE 17/11/05 10) Lisa Hake “The Magic Blue Bottle from Sidhe” CD Tree Over Sea 11) The HOOLIGAN Interview oTv LIVE 9/9/10 12) Nina Hynes This Magic Stuff” CD Creation 13) International Blues Band “Cold Black Porter” oTv LIVE 6/8/01 14) Lotus Eater CarnivaleCD Feed Me to the Night 15) Sean Millar “Alcohol Problem” CD The Bitter Lie 16) The Quicksand Band “Man in a Bar” CD Ten Gallon Drought EP 17) Audrey Ryan Dishes and Pills CD Dishes and Pills 18) Shane Regan “Beer on the Belly” oTv LIVE 1/2/06 19) The Riptide Movement Inside I'm Dancing” CD DEMO 20) Jon Sanders “Pure Afghan” oTv LIVE 17/9/09 21) Colin Scallan RemedyCD Demos '07 22) Zrazy “I Just Like to Drink Alone” CD Private Wars

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NEW 16th July '17

Simulated Stalagmite Streams Set in Silence Scenario.PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul On the Graveyard Shift with the Skeleton Crew CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Geoff BakerSix-String Whispers CD Know the Rain Here 3) The Butterfly Graveyard I'm Lost (When I Can't See the Stars) CD The Butterfly Graveyard 4) Dermot Byrne Worried and Oh So LonesomeCD Journey South 5) CKC The World is LonelyCD Take You by the Hand 6) Elder RocheDark Place CD Nobody Knows 7) Jennifer Evans My Own AssassinCD Demos '08 8) Flinders Closeted, Closed and Dear CD See Saw Still 9 ) Funky Mustard OscuridadCD Traiga La Paz-Bring the Peace 10) Glimmermen Peace at Last CD I'm Dead 11) Lisa Hake Last Boat Out CD Wind Under Wood 12) House of Cosy Cushions Black Bat Dance CD Spell 13) Katell Keineg Wgulf of Araby CD O Seasons, O Castles 14) Lotuseater Blue Lagoon CD Feed Me to the Night 15) Mundy Private Paradise CD Jelly Legs 16) FIN O'BRINE INTERVIEW oTv LIVE 16/6/12 17) Parchman Farm Living With the Blues CD Nothing But the Blues...18) PIG “It Shines Alone” CD Do You Like Smack Rock? 19) Damien Rice “Lonelily” CD Cannonball Promo EP 20) Mary Stokes Band Down in the Hole CD 10 Years on the Road 21) Gideon Wagner No-one Gets to Heaven on the Cheap CD God Bless America 22) Wilde Oscars IsolationCD Fish

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NEW 19th Jun '17

Climbing on becalmed Connemara craft, conscious of capture, in closing crimson.PIC; here


1) Baby Jenx “Exhale” CD Demo '06 2) Bailer “We Don’t Have to Hide” oTv LIVE 13/8/09 3) City Free Rising “Break Down” CD DEMO '04 4) Deaf Animal Orchestra “Morning Running” CD Single 5) Declan de Barra “Old Boat” CD DEMO 6) Eric Eckhart “Running” CD Lost and Found 7) The EXPLOSION (Monica and) INTERVIEW oTv LIVE 16/9/10 8) Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club Any Way the Wind Blows CD Be Yourself 9) Flinders A Running Start” CD Ground Floor EP 10) Paula Gomez “Go Away” CD Love and Hate 11) Kiersten Gray “Slip Away” oTv LIVE 2/11/06 12) House of Cosy Cushions Palace for the Lost Ones CD Palace for the Lost Ones EP 13) Jenny Lindfors Timewarp CD When the Night Time Comes 14) Colm Lynch Wandering Home CD Tickety Boo 15) Northern Quarter “Free” CD Your Mirror’s Face EP 16) One if By Sea “Wade Away” CD A Strange Calm EP 17) ReClaim “Break Free” CD DEMO '07 18) Damien Rice “Nine Crimes” oTv LIVE 26/3/00 19) St Mark’s Electric Choir “Free” oTv LIVE 30/9/04 20) Jon Sanders Nuke the Blues CD Twigs of the Neem Tree 21) Ann Scott “Return to Life” CD Flo 22) Brush & Jude Shiels After I'm GoneoTv LIVE 04/11/14 23) The Urges “Good Bye” CD The Urges EP

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NEW 20th May '17

Illogically inspirational images, intriguingly intensifying illusionsPIC; here


1) Alaska Hero “Connemara Dreaming” oTv LIVE 16/1/08 2) Alphastates (Cat Dowling) The Edge of the World oTv live 22/4/01 3) Armoured Bear “Imagination” CD Honeycomb Moon 4) Ross Breen I Fish on My SideCD 3 Songs ('04) 5) Adrian Crowley CapricornoTv LIVE 25/2/00 6) Control Freak “Loved After Moonlight” CD Disgraceland 7) House of Cosy Cushions Music we Make will Keep Us Sane CD NEW Outcast Cats EP 8) I am Not Left Handed “Everybody Sleeps” CD Time to Leave EP 9) Miriam Ingram Wax WingsCD Trampoline 10) Judas GoatThe Dawn CD The Judas Goat 11) Alex Karlinski No Sleep oTv LIVE 20/2/11 12) Dara MacGabhann In a Swing CD NEW Release 13) Mescalito “Mezzmerize” oTv LIVE 2/9/04 14) Keith Moss Oh to be a Desert Island Owner” CD Glowing Grooves from the Cobwebbed Lair 15) Nero “I Keep Your Dreams” CD DEMO '04 16) Orphee Beside the SeaCD Dear EP 17) THE POPES INTERVIEW oTv LIVE 14/5/2009 18) Power of Dreams “Don’t Change” CD Immigrants, Emigrants and Me 19) Ann Scott “For a Dream” CD We’re Smiling 20) Tecimerico Land Scape CD Land Scape 21) Think “Dream On” CD Gimme That Sound 22) Paul Tiernan What do You Do? CD Virgoville 23) Zeppo Vulcanology CD Uncertain Intent 24) Zrazy Dream OnCD Dream On

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NEW 24th Apr '17

Rewarded, with raw realism, when resurrecting rarest recordings,.PIC; here


1) A Lazarus Soul Truth Recorder CD Through a Window in the Sunshine Room 2) Babelfish (Cat Dowling) 6.15CD Sometimes EP 3) Brown These DaysCD Brown EP 4) Dermot Byrne Old Riley CD Journey South 5) City Free Rising The TimesCD City Free Rising EP 6) Paddy Casey Ancient Sorrow CD Fear Single 7) Commissioner Gordon The Man From Del Monte CD DEMOS 8) Eoin Coughlan Ancient Breathing CD Blood in Vein 9) Damien Dempsey Dublin Town (Dub Linn Mix)CD Dublin Town Single 10) Fade Street Iridescent Blue CD 16b Fade Street 11) HER LITTLE ORCHESTRA SET oTv LIVE 13/7/05 12) Miriam Ingram SlideCD Trampoline 13) Jukebox Gypsy “The Rain Invitation CD Jukebox Gypsy 14) Thomas Kitt I Don't Mind the Rain CD Kitt Happens 15) Little Ghetto Boys Hoops and the Mafia CD Little Ghetto Boys EP 16) The Marshal Stars “Them Old Frank Miller BluesCD DEMO (First Shot EP) 17) Mundy Mayday CD 24 Star Hotel 18) Parchman Farm The Blues Will Never Die CD Nothing But the Blues 19) Shane Regan The Volcanic Hallucination of Night CD Regan's Affectations 20) Darlene Sovran Get It TogetherCD Absence of Uniformity 21) Screaming Orphans Not My ProblemCD Thank You EP 22) Tycho Brahe "Emily is Going" CD This Is.. 23) The West Seventies "Fresno" CD The Deeper You Go

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